Endowment Management

Given the unpredictability of the stock market, most of us realize there is more to managing an endowment than just selecting a portfolio manager and receiving dividends and interest income.

More and more organizations are looking for professional management of their endowed funds.

Proper management requires an internal review of the significance of the endowment to the organization, the level to which the governing body embraces the endowment, policies governing the investments spending and savings, and the means to regularly increase and grow the fund.

Traditionally, endowments grew through careful investments. However, with a slow economy, organizations are relying on their endowments more heavily.  Unfortunately, the timing isn’t ideal, given that many endowments have suffered through the ups and downs of the stock market.

While it is true that endowments grow through investment performance, reliable and significant growth of endowment funds occurs through gift income.

Gift income can be in the form of outright contributions or planned gifts made for future delivery.

Planned gifts are a great way to grow endowment funds. Individuals may include their organization in their wills, charitable trusts, gift annuities, pooled income funds, gifts of life insurance and many other forms of planned giving instruments.

We have incorporated a fund raising component with our investment experience to offer nonprofit organizations professional investment management along with senior-level fund raising and planned giving expertise to help grow individual endowment funds.

When reviewing your current endowment and portfolio team, look not only at investments and performance, but at your organization’s ability to attract current and future gifts. Investment growth and gifts, working together, can help build your endowment into a valuable and sustainable resource for your organization.