Taking Stock – Under 21 Edition

A collection of interesting children themed financial posts you may have missed this week.

797px-School_1-300x225.jpg3 Reasons to drop A.P. classes and learn about money – CBS Moneywatch – In high school, I took a number of “Advanced Placement” classes and used the AP test to bypass a few classes my freshman year in college. Although new reports are showing a record number of students took and passed recent AP exams. For those who score well, it is a great idea. However, Dan Kadlec argues that for many students, their time would be better spent learning money fundamentals.

5 secrets for raising master shoppers – Mint.com – Anyone with children realizes how hard it is to explain that, well, money doesn’t just grow on trees.  Christopher Elliot suggests 5 steps you can take to raise smart shoppers. After reviewing his suggestions, I suspect many adults could benefit from following these steps as well.

Class of 2011: Your paychecks will be bigger – CNN Money – Signs of life are emerging throughout the economy and now, for the first time since 2008, recent college grads are seeing an uptick in average starting paychecks. Not only are average salaries creeping higher, but more companies are increasing the number of grads they are looking to hire. Those with business degrees are seeing the most demand, whereas fields like engineer aren’t seeing much of a bump at all.