Let's Make a Plan

When looking for a advisor to work with your family, you are faced with an alphabet soup of designations.

Although there are resources to help you navigate the waters, I suspect many people just give up trying to wade through nearly 100 designations that exist in our industry.

Many of our advisors have earned their Certified Financial Planner™ designation, and frankly, get frustrated trying to explain that our three initials are held to a more rigorous standard than many of the other three initial designations in the marketplace.

Recently, the Certified Financial Planner™ Board of standards launched a public awareness campaign to help consumers understand what the CFP® marks are all about.

They have a new website called Let’s Make a Plan that explains why you need a plan, how to start the process, and where to find a CFP® professional in your area.

Hopefully, this campaign will raise awareness of the profession, and help you understand what working with a CFP® professional can offer your family.